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Different Toilet?

So now, I’ve decided to write the most captivating, thought invoking and fascinating blog ever!!!  No, not really.  I am actually bored out of my mind.  I need a good mental stretch which just hasn’t been happening for me.  Embracing monotony has never been my best feature, seeing that I change my hair at whim and in my younger days got a new piercing at least once a year. 

I’ve matured, away with the feeling that would flood over my body and cloud my thoughts until I did something drastic. Akin to the fight or flight process, where I most certainly took flight. Shook myself up and didn’t stop until I had a clear perspective and a question, is this something I will be proud of a couple months down the line?  Years down the line? If the answer was no, which for the most part it was, then I’d just simply do something else until I got that feeling again and so the cycle would continue. 

So now I’m bored.    Inundated with “mommy things” and thoughts, I find myself twiddling my thumbs when the kids are off to Nana’s house.  There is nothing I look forward to after work more than a cold Coor’s Light (or Budweiser depending on how LONG my day was) and a lit cigarette.  I still get that feeling but no longer is it an immediate need-must, it’s more of an ‘eh, maybe tomorrow’ kind of thing. 

What about the joys and excitement of spending time with your kids you say?  My kids are awesome; they inspire me to become greater than I was today, tomorrow.  They are fun, excellent at telling jokes on the fly and I’ve seen some not so smart kids (don’t pretend they aren’t out there), but mine are pretty sharp if I should say so myself.  But the thing is I haven’t seen an adult movie at the theatre in about 3 years.  And darn it, I get a little perplexed when the main must-buy from the supermarket is ravioli, hot dogs, cereal and toaster strudels. 

I accept Mommy-dom, it is a challenge all within itself and I have no qualms of telling it, bring it on!  It’s all good, I have found my out, or in should I say.  Note to self, ‘Hollie, you have officially been blogged’.


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Life, Love, Kids, etc...The usual suspects

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