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Motown the Musical and Me

I DID IT!!!  Heart was thumping, hot blooded, and sweaty palmed.  I never needed a drink of water for my parched throat so much in my life time.  I had no regrets, no sadness.  No feeling of fear, of failure, and it felt awesome.  Awesome because I didn’t think I would do it.  Sure, there are plenty of things that I THOUGHT about doing but never did.  But I needed to do this like I need air.  Like piping hot coffee for an early morning and a cold Budweiser at the end of a long day.  It called me, pleading from the deepest and darkest shadows of my mind, don’t leave me here.  And soon, it began whining and pulling at me like it was my child, it was born of me.  How could I ignore such a thing?  I did it.  It was more than an audition.  It was like a good stretch you do on a Sunday morning while still in bed.  Like musical ice cream.  Like a massage on the inside.  It was me being me and I loved it, love me.



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Life, Love, Kids, etc...The usual suspects