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What Every Mom Should Own (and actually wear at least once a year)

Being a mom is demanding stuff.  When the kiddies are young, it’s endless diapers and baby food, LOTS of potty training mishaps.  Eventually you will reach my point and beyond (Monkey Quest and Style Me Girl every chance that they get their hands on a computer).  With all of Mommy-dom going on, we lose our way,   but luckily I am here to reel you back in to basic mom-sentials.  Please note:  I am not a professional, take it or leave it on the porch.  So with that said, here we go!

white blouse
1) A white blouse We sometimes take for granted the awesomeness of a great “blouse”.  Not a shirt, a “wife beater”, or a tank, but a B-L-O-U-S-E.  I’m talking flowy, ruffles, lace, frilly thangs on the sleeves kind of blouse.  Why?  Because it brings elegance to anything you pair with it, slacks, jeans, skirt, you name it.  Off white, stark white, linen, whatever it is, definitely a great piece of soft wear.  Plus I always seem to feel angelic and shit when I wear one, so why not you?
2)      Sneakers
No lie, I only rotate no more than two in my wardrobe because they are not my footwear of choice.  The ones I have are old, got some stank on ‘em but most importantly, they are COMFORTABLE!!!  As moms, it would be ideal to wear heels to do everything.  They are cute, add a few inches in height and can make killer looking calves.  But, realistically a pair of sneakers can take you a long way.  That doctor’s appointment you almost forgot, guess what?  If you have sneakers (and hopefully a car) you just might not be too late and have to reschedule.  Not saying you have to be the mom with all the latest J’s, but when us moms’ can’t rest our weary feet, sneakers are the next best thing (and after that flippy flops).
floral dress
3) Floral print dress Another get up and go piece, what can I say except time is of the essence.  Goes with anything because of its versatility and kind of gives an air of innocence… If you’re a mom it would be greatly appreciated because like me you’ve lost it long, long ago.
4) Black pencil skirt This one is a bit tricky.  Trust me you need one, sleek and slit, not too suffocating but not like you can do a split in it if you catch my drift.  This is tricky because you can’t be meek mom when you put one on; you have to be a boss because it’s a bossy piece.  Directions to a black pencil skirt goes as follows:  once you have it on, look in the mirror and say, “I’m a boss bitch” three times slowly, but after saying it the first time, make sure that there is increased force the next time and the one thereafter, put some sass on it.  Do a few twirls and check you out, repeat everything as needed.  About time you walk out the door not only will you look like a boss but most importantly feel like one.  If not you did it wrong so retrace your steps and do again, this is for your own good.
5) Heels Just negate everything about sneakers.  They are fun, flirty, and any place you go with them you actually look like you are having a good time.  After-work party? HOORAY FOR HEELS!  An instant good time.  That relative’s house that hates everything about you except your offspring (maybe) and you hate them back, just to be even? BAH-ZING!  THANKS HEELS!
6) Pink nail polish I don’t know about you gals but I LOVE pink.  Nowadays honestly, I feel a little juvenile with my pink book baggie with the matching pink shoes (Yes, I presently own and wear these things do not judge me).  Pink polish is the ultimate way to keep my pink love without looking like I just stepped out of the dolls’ aisle at Toys R’ Us.  I recently tried Revlon’s Raspberry Rapture and it’s like a pink lover’s revenge, sneaky pink with a delicious scent to boot.

Again, all of these are optional and I am not a professional.  There is my disclaimer and if you do buy or have these things, I sincerely hope you enjoy them, I sure do.  Oh, and anything you wear always look better with a smile.


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